Product Catalog for Long Beach Pony at Whaley Park

While we are a very small local league, we are able to provide this great baseball experience to our community, the teams, and the families of our players, because of the generous support of the citizens and businesses in our area and beyond. Several players that participated at Long Beach Pony have been drafted by Major League teams and many are on current Major League rosters. Our objective at Long Beach Pony is for our athletes to develop outstanding social skills, build self-confidence and create memories that will last a lifetime... all while playing locally with their friends.

It is time for us to reach out and ask for your support by becoming a Sponsor/Partner for this exciting and memorable 2021 baseball season!

Long Beach Pony Baseball at Whaley Park is a 501C NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, therefore, ALL levels of Sponsorship/Partnership are tax deductible. (Your tax advisor can maximize your generous contribution).

If you would like to participate in this wonderful opportunity, please select your choice of Sponsorship and complete the check-out process. If you would like to confer with our sponsorship director for more info, simply contact us at phone # (562) 833-4450 or email us at We will contact you to answer any questions you may have. It would be our pleasure to extend our sincere appreciation, and the recognition you deserve by processing your submission immediately.

Our loyalty lies with our sponsors! Be a benefactor, while spreading your brand throughout our community!